What Makes People Stick to Their Values?

What I have blogged about last time led me to keep thinking about the way people see or value what they consider to be their values  . And many questions come to my head:

Do certain persons really care about values? How can one get rid of self-pride?

Are what some authors report just their perceptions of how individuals who experience cultural differences manage to make a path while transitioning socially, or is this the reality?

In my country, at a young age, I heard people saying “les alliènès culturels”, “les dèracines”, or les “complexès”. In these terms, they refer to all those educated persons (mostly those who studied or have stayed abroad for too long) who they consider as “people who have lost their roots”. Those individuals are singled out based on their ways of thinking and making decisions (which is sometimes different from the traditional ways), their ways of embracing political ideologies, and even earlier (some decades ago) based on their way of dressing. However, when I have grown up and listened to or read texts written by some of the individuals qualified as such, I have realized that they are not what people think they have become. It is just a misinterpretation of the elite`s logic way of understanding issues and their expectation for more rationality. Additionally, those who did not go to school or did not have higher education are sometimes frustrated and would always criticize the intellectuals based on just jealousy. In contrast to what people think, those highly educated persons are well rooted and some of them are even mad and disappointed because of how local people have exchanged their culture, their rituals, believes, and even food. I am comfortable to talk about this given the fact that I have transitioned many times from one environment to another and I can be considered as a member of “first generation to go to college” because I am the first female in my family who has gotten to this level in higher education. To me being a “first generation to go to college” is a joy, I have never found it challenging. And based on what I am aware of, the only way “first generation to go to college” used to be problematic in my country was when some family members wanted you to become the wife of X, Y or Z. That could be the end of your days at school, but fortunately such practices have largely disappeared as today many parents are educated and understand the importance of their children’s success. I am proud and so tied to my values that I have never considered to get rid of them for a better integration or adaptation to a given environment. Maybe this is specific to me, but I am not ready to give social class discomfort a room in my life; that would be destroying to me. I grew up in a small village, my parents were farmers, I did my primary school in that rural area and went straight to the biggest city of my home town. I went to secondary school and was most of the time the top of my class. Then, after that, I went to high school and university and never feel  a need or an obligation to give up my values. Maybe that was related to the fact that I early realized that others were just humans like me and I did not care about social classes. The only thing I remember caring about was respect, I would never tolerate people trying to mess around with me. I used to be tough on those who dare to try me at a point that most of them ended up fearing me. Furthermore, as most of the time I was doing far better than them in assignments and exams, which allowed me to gain more respect from my surrounding and be more free of what would be considered social burdens. I thing knowing who you are and what your values are is more important than being willing to abandon your roots that you should be proud of. Nowadays, many people, mostly those living in cities have no value reference point and behave poorly because of this void in their lives.


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